Why parents have to play with children?

Why parents have to play with their children? Children usually play with friends or with themselves. However, games with parents are also important. Thanks to you they will learn to play, they will feel more confident and stronger.

In this days Stay At Home and play with your kids.
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When parents play with children, they often allow them to win. When a child is tiny, this feeling needs to be experienced mainly in order to build a real sense of strength and self-confidence, which it can then use when it plays back with friends. When a parent shows him how to play, how to handle such a situation, the child observes it and can use the observed strategy in the necessary situation. Parents do not play with children to prove themselves that they can beat them. Parents play with children to teach them many things.

The psychotherapist also recommends to parents that it is most appropriate to engage in a game early in the morning so that the child can fill their emotional stack or after returning from kindergarten or school when the child is exhausted. This will prevent his brain from being exposed to unnecessary stress. When you play from the morning, you avoid unnecessary crying, quarrels or bad mood. Even in kindergarten children play easier and happier with other children when they messed up with their parents in the morning. This is precisely because they have a full reservoir of love.

Both the child and the parent feel free, happy, satiated

Playing with a baby while watching his feelings, talking to him, listening to him a significant impact on stress hormone levels, tension control, and even his body mass index.

Common laughter releases all tensions and charges the body with oxytocin the hormone of happiness. Both the child and the parent feel free, happy, satiated. And a burst of laughter is always better than a burst of anger. At such times, the whole family is well. Laughter brings people together. And it also heals. Thanks to laughter we have better immunity.

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